Pastoral and Social Services

Since the foundation of our congregation in 1960, one of the noticeable features in relation to our ministries has been their extraordinary range and variety. This is particularly so in the area of pastoral and social ministries. This area of work is varied and multifaceted – it involves many aspects of parish work and pastoral care, prayer ministry, sacramental programmes, outreach programmes to the sick, community service, and much more.

Traditionally many of the works we were engaged with were categorized under the three broad headings of Health, Education, and Pastoral but yet within these, often apparent rigid systems, we have consistently pioneered new services and new ways forward on behalf of people who are poor. All of the work we are engaged in is made possible by the commitment, collaboration, involvement and dedication of our colleagues who work with us and for us.

“…to be a servant; serving not for financial rewards but for love. (Mk. 10:44)  To serve the needs of others remembering that he whom he serves is the Lord.” (Rm. 12:10)…placing the self at the service of others.
…the visions have given the soul a new appreciation of the Truth and Holiness of God, and so it suffers at the sight of so much sin in the world. This fills her with the Spirit of apostolic zeal, and she would give a thousand lives if only one soul could be saved and more people would praise the Lord.” –St. Teresa of Avila: Interior Castle, Ch. 6, p. 299