Administrative Building Collapse

When the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Visayas last October 15,2013 historical structures across Cebu and Bohol suffered major damages and took the lives of many. More people are still feeling the pain of having to rebuild their homes and lives from scratch but you can help it. your contribution goes a long way in getting these people back on their feet.

Please make a donation to help rebuild the schools in Bohol who were all torn and battered.The children need to go back to school and to help with their basic necessities while the town is still shaking with tremor of constant aftershocks.

They cannot event go back to their homes because it is torn and so afraid of their lives. All the people are in shelter outdoors and need foods, water, clothes and important daily needs.

St. Teresa's School was located in Catagbacan, Loon, Bohol is one of some school affected by the 7.2 earthquake the three classrooms and the Administrative building collapse.

DST administrative-building-collapse1
DST administrative-building-collapse 2
DST administrative-building-collapse 3
DST administrative-building-collapse 4

If a picture is worth a thousand words then even the most tongue tied can shout volumes in every shot. And if we focus our lenses on school to capture it in its entirety, the good, the bad, the tragic, and the beautiful, we can share what more needs to be done, but more importantly we can also share that there is a lot more kind and generous people.

DST administrative-building-collapse 5
DST administrative-building-collapse 6
DST administrative-building-collapse 7
DST administrative-building-collapse 8